Killer Whales

1H 28MIN

Availability ended 8/26/2022 EDT
The Man Who Killed True Crime
When aspiring documentarian Donny Wunder stumbles across an unsolved murder, he sets out to make the next big true crime documentary. But as scatter-brained suspects and a tyrannical director wreak havoc on set, the production crumbles in spectacular fashion, culminating with Donny’s arrest. One year later, Donny and producers sit for interviews and revisit the failure that was Killer Whales. That’s when the shocking fraud that put Donny behind bars is revealed. The debut feature for Magpie Factory, Killer Whales is a dark comedy about a naive filmmaker’s loss of innocence as he confronts the realities of the entertainment industry.


Directed by Willow Hamilton

Written by Wyatt Bunce

Production Company Magpie Factory

Produced by Thom Reidy
Willow Hamilton
Wyatt Bunce

Cast Wyatt Bunce
Anthony Carrigan
Kristin Couture
Michael Cognata
Greg Vrotsos
AB Cassidy
Neil Bledsoe
Thom Reidy
Hale Applman
Adam Blodgett
Drew Brandon Jones