Planet b234



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Worlds apart can be closer than you'd think.
Jorge, a father thousands of miles away from his son, creates an alternate world- planet b234- where he can cope with the anxiety, depression, and desperation of being separated from one's child. Geographical barriers are no match for Jorge's fertile imagination, but it comes at the cost of his sanity and the very relationship he's fighting for.


Directed by Keelie Sheridan

Written by Jorge Luna
Keelie Sheridan

Production Company Clay Monster Entertainment

Produced by Jason Friedman-Mendez
Keelie Sheridan
Jorge Luna
Ian Weintraub
Esther Alvarez-Weintraub

Cast Jorge Luna
Otto Luna-Caratini
Naren Weiss
Schann Mobley
Judylee Vivier
Keelie Sheridan