Using Your Brain


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You have the power to choose what you want in your life
In our society, most people believe a common misconception: That life is happening TO them. That they are the victims of their circumstances. The truth is, we each have the power to choose our perspective of the things that happen to us and around us…That life is happening FOR us, in order for us to heal, learn, and grow. In this film, we will explore how a person can begin to expand their perspective and their mind, to become more aware of their thoughts, hear empowering stories from those that have experienced this shift, how to create a sense of inner peace, and how to tap into creativity and joy.


Directed by Aaron T Atkinson

Written by Aaron T Atkinson

Production Company Profound House Productions

Produced by Lo Myrick
Rick Lazes
Seth Koch

Cast Eirik Grunde Olsen
Mara Gleason Olsen
Dajohn White
Patrick Jimmar
Krystal Burns